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Work in Progress (Dissertation)

Lagoudakis, A., (2024). Breaking Bad News: Economic Rationality, Emotion Regulation, and Cognitive Ability 

Lagoudakis, A., (2024). Food Choices, Food Access, and Nutritional Outcomes

Lagoudakis, A., Cuadros-Menaca, A., & Nayga Jr., R. M. (2024). Income and Nutrition Inequality: The Role of Dollar Stores and Food-Away-from-Home Establishments on Food Systems in America 

Working Papers

Crespi, J. M., Hayes, D. J., Lagoudakis, A., Lusk, L. L., Schreiber, D., Wu, Q., & Bruce, A. S. (2023). Differential Brain Activations between Democrats and Republicans when Considering Food Purchases (Review & Resubmit, Politics and the Life Sciences)

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Other Work in Progress

Lagoudakis, A., (2022). The Influence of Ethnocentrism on Consumer Welfare 


Data-Driven Food, Energy, and Water Decision Making Certificate (12 credit hours-graduate level) - Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Iowa State University - Fall 2023